Moyes Delta Gliders

Litespeed S


The Litespeed S is our high end competition glider that offers a wider pilot weight range than the RS models. The Litespeed S also appeals to pilots who feel that the increased span and aspect ratio of the RS models doesn't offer them the handling that they prefer. Attila Bertok, the 2007 World Champion, can choose any glider that he wants to fly, and he chooses the Litespeed S 5.

The Litespeed S is available in five different sizes from 12.9 square meters to 14.8 square meters, optimally sized for pilots weighing from 55 kg to 90 kg. The aspect ratio varies between 7.3 and 7.6, only slightly less than the RS. The S with its wide size range offers the most options to prospective competition and cross country pilots.

Lighter weight pilots will appreciate the S 3 model with a span of 9.7 meters. This is a glider that they can easily handle as well as fly fast when they are on glide. Heavy weight pilots will want to go to the S 5 for almost 15 square meters of sail area to keep their wing loading near the optimal value.

The Litespeed S continues to strengthen its well established competition record, in addition to the World Championship, which should assure you that you will not be being held back by your equipment when you’re reaching for the podium.

The Moyes Litespeed line has excellent handling characteristics when launching, landing and thermaling, and the performance you need for cross country and competition. Combined with optional carbon fibre leading edges, dive struts, and Zoom frame this glider will give you the confidence to get the most from your flying.

Characteristics Overview

  • competition or cross country performance
  • 5 sizes to suit all pilot weights
  • inlaid sail design for improved handling and performance

Technical Overview - Standard

  • durable, PX 05 TI02 IT-Internal Taffeta- Titanium Oxide Inlaid sail
  • sail surface finished with Titanium Oxide to reduce UV effects
  • trailing edge has 4 mylar insert pockets to reduce flutter at high speeds
  • full aluminium air frame
  • round carbon fibre cross bars
  • aerofoil uprights and a round speed bar

Technical Overview – Carbon fibre Options

  • carbon fibre speed bar
  • carbon fibre outer leading edges
  • carbon fibre dive struts
  • carbon fibre battens
  • carbon fibre inner leading edges
  • carbon fibre leading edge inserts
  • carbon fibre keel

Technical Overview - Sail Options

  • Code Zero Inlaid Sail
  • PX 05 TI02 IT-Internal Taffeta- Titanium Oxide Inlaid sail
  • undersurface has three panels of Dacron, and can be custom coloured to your requirements
  • ** New: The new PX 05 for the mainsail has an internal taffeta and extra fine film of mylar on the inside of the cloth making it the perfect weight for a mainsail with excellent handling and durability

Moyes highly recommends the basic option package of Mylar sail, Zoom frame with Carbon speed bar,

Carbon leading edge rear sections and Carbon dive sticks for a perfect all round performing and handling glider