Moyes Delta Gliders

Malibu2 - Testimonials

 Milton Araujo

Thanks for producing this glider.
It is really very easy to take off, fly  and land it.
The picture was shot at São Conrado, Brasil.
Sincerely yours,
Milton Araujo

miton araujo


Tindal Tarran

Tindal Tarran just took delivery of his new Malibu 2 and Eaze harness;
"It's amazing I am so so happy thank you moyes for this dream machine. Fantastic :)
Can’t weight for dune wind.. So easy to control so safe, i'm in love!"





Mark Sullivan

Hi Guys - here are a couple of shots from last week's test flight of the new Malibu2.

I mounted the GoPro on the dive stick to give a great perspective.

Thanks for another awesome wing!


mark 01

mark 02