Litespeed RX

Litespeed RX Pro

RX Pro Expect the extraordinary…

Outclimb your rivals • Increase your glide • Exceed your goals

The 2017 RX Pro sports a number of innovative undersurface refinements:
    •    Fresh clean under surface with the new ‘Swoosh’ design
    •    Batten Cut-outs which allows an altogether tighter sail span-wise without extra panel tension
    •    Super clean tip area
    •    Consistent bar pressure and feedback provides confidence at higher speeds
    •    Less unwanted yaw and roll gives you the “glides on rails” effect


Custom Colours (see colour selector)

Moyes signature inlaid sail design with PX Rim and Core
    •    improved handling and performance

Slimline Zoom A-frame with Carbon speedbar
    •    Improved fittings that allow the upright to rotate an extra 45 degrees
    •    Carbon Speed Bar with aerodynamic profile and hand laid pre-impregnated carbon fibre Speedbar
    •    Internal pressure cured at very high temperatures to ensure an attractive and durable finish
    •    Comfortable round hand grips

Carbon Fibre Outer Leading Edge
    •    Lighter than aluminium by approximately 700 grams
    •    Weight reduction decreases wing tip inertia improving manoeuvrability

Carbon Fibre Dive Struts
    •    Weight saving over aluminium by approximately 360 grams
    •    Unique design with a spoon bill tip and tapered to the trailing edge
    •    Refined designed to achieve the lightest and strongest product possible

Carbon Fibre Leading Edge Inserts
    •    Lightweight yet strong, Improved pitch and yaw stability
    •    Innovatively incorporates a thin balsa insert for added stiffness
    •    Helps maintain an aerodynamic profile between the ribs providing a clean, smooth leading edge surface, especially at high speeds


Technora Inlaid Mylar Sail
    •    UV resistant, ultra-light weight with very low stretch and high tensile strength

Carbon Batten Set
    •    4 Mainsail battens and 2 undersurface battens
    •    Light and strong carbon aids improved pitch stability

Carbon Fibre Inner Leading Edge
    •    Further reduces the overall weight of the glider, by approximately 900 grams
    •    Reduced glider weight translates into improved manoeuvrability

Coloured batten tapes
    •    A new dimension to customising!
    •    Available only for gliders with Technora mainsails.
    •    A selection of colours for the batten reinforcing tapes.
    •    Black is the standard, the optional colours available are: Dark Blue, Red, Fl Orange, Fl Yellow, Gold and Fl Pink

NEW  Pro-Edge trailing edge
    •    Smooth, flat and sharp trailing edge appearance
    •    Increased durability with excellent abrasion resistance
    •    Isotropic load response
    •    Improved high speed

See Specifications here.


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