Moyes Delta Gliders




As a returning hang glider pilot after a thirty year break the Gecko 155 suits me perfectly.
The ease of launch with the luff line/side wire compensation system and the obvious flare window for landing make for relaxed and stress free flying.

huw 01

The handling is exactly as you would expect with the glider being easy to turn and having very little yaw even at full VG. And what a VG it is; completely transforms the glider from something not dissimilar to a super efficient Malibu 2 to a really racy feeling wing that remains very stable even at high speed.

The control force feedback is excellent in both pitch and roll and really well matched in both axis; I felt dialled in to the glider within seconds of my first take off.

I’d read criticisms of trailing edge flutter on the internet but there is absolutely none on my Gecko 155 at 80 kph.

huw 02

I was concerned that at 84 KG bare weight I might be too heavy for the 155 but the min sink rate is excellent and I’ve had no problems with being out climbed.

All in all this is a really lovely glider to fly and will be perfect for the flying I do; from leisurely coastal flying through to club competitions. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

Thank you Moyes!

Huw Parsons


This spring I've had lucky cold fronts occur on weekends I could fly, so I've enjoyed several hour+ thermal flights locally, which is great.  I never have logistics for XC or else I probably would have some personal bests.  I think the best thing about the Gecko is the transformation with VG.  That is a powerful little rope!  I'm really shocked at how well it goes tight, and with so little bar pressure.  I've been having more fun on it than any other glider I've flown because of its ability to scratch combined with impressive glide at speed.

Zach Hazen 03

Zach Hazen 02

Zach Hazen

I've never had more fun flying a Hangglider. I am coming from a single surface wing and was a little worried about the transition, but I could not be happier with how seamless it has been. When looking for a new glider you have to ask yourself why do you fly? For me I want SAFE, easy flying first with the potential to go on a long cross country flight and the Gecko 170 checks all the boxes. The launching, landing, and handling characteristics are about as easy as they come as I feel like I am in complete control from start to finish. It doesn't hurt either that it is without a doubt the best looking wing in the sky. It is not even a competition right now. I look forward to many more years of flying this dream machine.

David Morgan
Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA

david morgan


Moyes Gecko 155 Technora Sail

I have flown my Moyes Gecko 155 with Technora sail for several hours in flatland thermal conditions. I have found the Gecko to be a delight to fly. It thermals effortlessly, lands easily with VG off, has excellent glide and sink rate with VG on, and has top end speed that is surprisingly fast for such a good natured glider. The combination of glide and easy landings makes it especially suited to XC.

The hardware is top rate. The VG cleat is unique to the Gecko. It is a sailing spinnaker cleat. It not only prevents wear on the VG line, but also releases and cleats effortlessly. It is a perfect solution that shows that Moyes thinks outside of the box.

Setup and breakdown is straightforward. The wingtips are at such low tension with VG off that installing them and removing them is a non-event requiring much less effort than on most other gliders.

The Technora sail option and black aluminum frame has high performance looks that I absolutely love. Visual appeal has nothing to do with flight performance, but is important nonetheless.

The Gecko 155 with Technora sail fulfills my glider needs and desires and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

Paul Sydor
Holly Springs, NC, USA




Greetings from Colorado!

Just a note to say how happy I am with my new Gecko! It launches and lands like a dream and flies incredibly! I fly an Atos VR in competitions, have been to 4 World Championships and I am the most recent US Rigid Wing Champion. But for local fun flying I choose the Gecko! Gobs of fun and performance in a very pilot friendly wing.

Thanks for a great glider!

Jim Yocom

Jim Yocom

Jim Yocom



I just want to thank you, and everyone at Moyes for making me another wonderful pair of wings!
I've always been so impressed with the quality, workmanship and service by Moyes.
And the Gecko is more of the same... amazing design that just flies beautifully!!
The build quality is second to none and the craftsmanship on the sail is truly a work of art.
I love it!! ...thanks!

James Harris, California

james harris gecko 01

james harris gecko 02



Test flew the new 2nd Gecko a couple days ago. Superb!!!  Two gliders in one. Little VG and it is an easy handling intermediate. An arrow on aerotowing, landing better than the XT's, bar pressure lovely and light but very confidence inspiring. No PIO's in tow or at speed.
With VG it really performs as an advanced glider with Kingpost. The two Lizard Owners are in raptures with their gliders!

Dan Morrison, Paraguay

gecko paraguay 02

gecko paraguay 01



Recently I had the opportunity of flying the New Moyes glider the "Gecko".

I have been waiting too see a glider like this for some time.

As an instructor (30 years) I realized there was a gap between the training style glider (Malibu) and the next.!!!!

Moyes are marketing the Gecko as your next glider after the “open cross” bar glider and, from take off to the landing, it has all the attributes such a glider should have.

The static balance neutral without obvious pitch up.

The sink rate was very impressive and comparable to high performance gliders.

The glide at lower speeds and up to 60 km is excellent.

This is a “step up” from a Mailbu but handling is still quite forgiving at lower speeds and at every point of the VG, the handling was extremely predictable.

Landing was a dream with a large pitch window.

I have no doubt this glider is a winner.

Tony Armstrong.

Tony flying the Gecko