Moyes Delta Gliders

World Championship Hall of Fame (Men)

Every two years since 1976, the best of the best battle it out for the prestigous title of World Champion. Moyes is proud to provide this tribute to all the World Champions.

Petr Benes

Alex Ploner (Italy)
Tolmezzo, Italy
Icaro 2000

Petr Benes

Petr Benes (Czech Republic)
Brasilia, Brazil
Aeros Combat GT

Christian Mexico

Christian Ciech (Italy)
Valle de Bravo, Mexico
Icaro Laminar

Manfred Ruhmer

Manfred Ruhmer
Forbes NSW, Austalia,
Icaro Laminar Z9


Alessandro Ploner (Italy)
Monte Cucco, Italy
Icaro 2000 Laminar

Alessandro Ploner 2009
Alessandro Ploner (Italy)
Largne, Chavre, France
Icaro2000 Z9
Attila Bertok 2007
Attila Bertok (Hungary)
Big Spring, Texas, USA
Moyes Litespeed S 5
Oleg Bunderchuk 2005
Oleg Bunderchuk (Ukraine)
Hay, Australia
Manfred Ruhmer 2003
Manfred Ruhmer (Austria)
Brasilia, Brazil
Icaro Laminar 14MR
Manfred Ruhmer 2001
Manfred Ruhmer (Austria)
Algodonales, Spain
Icaro Laminar MRX14
Manfred Ruhmer 1999
Manfred Ruhmer (Austria)
Monte Cucco, Italy
Icaro Laminar ST
worlds09 1997
Guido Gehrmann (Germany)
Forbes, Australia
La Mouette Topless
worlds09 1995
Tomas Suchanek (Czech Rep.)
Ager, Spain
Moyes Xtralite 147
Tomas Suchanek 1993
Tomas Suchanek (Czech Rep.)
Owens Valley, USA
Moyes Xtralite 137
Tomas Suchanek 1991
Tomas Suchanek (Czech Rep.)
Governodor Valaclares, Brazil
Moyes XS 155
Robbie Whittall 1989
Robbie Whittall (UK)
Fiesch, Switzerland
Airwave Kiss
Rick Duncan 1987
Rick Duncan (Australia)
Mt. Buffalo, Australia
Moyes GTR162WB
John Pendry 1985
John Pendry (UK)
Kossen, Austria
Airwave Magic
Steve Moyes 1983
Steve Moyes (Australia)
Tegelberg, Germany
Moyes GT190
Pepe Lopes 1981
Pepe Lopes (Brazil)
Beppu, Japan
La Mouette
Jos Guggenmos 1979
Jos Guggenmos (Germany)
Grenoble, France
Terry Delore 1976
Terry Delore (New Zealand)
Kossen, Austria