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Stock: Matrix Harness

Overall Height: 178.5 cm
Sholder Height: 153 cm
Chest Size: 113 cm
Waist: 102 cm
Hips: 97.5 cm
Thigh: 88.5 cm
Sex: M
Weight: 82 kg
Options: Side Rear Pocket, Drag Chute Pocket, Zippered Aero Tow Left, Zippered Aero Tow Right.
Parachute Container: Internal Right
Colours: Main - Midnight Blue, Front stripe / logo - Royal Blue, Rear Stripe - Black, Piping Royal Blue.

Price: A $2977 ex GST




Main body colour: Midnight Blue
Stripe: Sky Blue
Piping: Leather
Option: Internal right chute container
Overall Height: 174 cm / 5’ 8”
Shoulder Height: 150 cm / 60”
Chest: 110 cm / 43”
Weight 90 kg / 200 Lbs



Built 01/02/1999  harness_01
Rec No. 748
Serial No. TRA120
Model Tracer
Main Colour Dark Blue
Pilot Height CM 182
Pilot Chest CM 86
Chute Front
Note New-Never flown
AUD Price $500.00