Moyes Delta Gliders

Contour - Options & Prices


Internal Slider Bar
Light aluminium frame with webbing load brace
Low profile body contoured shape with hugging neck line
Streamlined side, internal or front mounted chute container
Five fully internal pockets designed to house cameras, radio, packup gear, water reservoirs and all flight requirements
Continuous webbing for added strength and force distribution
One to one head-up attitude adjustment
  AUD $2860
(incl GST)

Prices listed are RRP (regular retail price) not including packing, freight, import fees, dealer preparation or delivery charges.

Optional Extras:
Internal parachute container AUD $170.5
(incl GST)
One colour with piping AUD $99
(incl GST)
Two tone colours with piping AUD $170.5
(incl GST)
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