Moyes Delta Gliders



Once again a Moyes hang glider has reset the standard in its class.  Utilising the high end technologies and expertise derived from its well respected competition gliders, Gerolf Heinrichs and the Moyes crew have created the Moyes Malibu - a fun class open frame floater hang glider.

The Moyes Malibu offers superb handling and safety to ensure that your flying experience is as much fun as you can imagine.  Whether you're a new pilot and want a safe and rewarding glider that will help you further develop your skills, or an experienced pilot seeking fun skimming the sand dunes, you'll really appreciate the exceptionally forgiving flying characteristics of the Moyes Malibu.

The Moyes Malibu offers a lightweight airframe built from 7075 aluminium tube (just like the high end gliders), covered with a 4oz dacron sail.  The sail is shaped and supported by 15 battens made from stiff 7075 aluminium (so you won't have to reshape them). Unlike many single surface gliders the Malibu includes a unique leading edge insert manufactured from Mylar and foam, allowing the leading edge to maintain its best flying shape.  Gerolf made a considerable effort in both design and testing to ensure that the sail design is efficient and as a result the Moyes Malibu is a sweet handling glider that is especially capable of flying in very light conditions, when other gliders are grounded.

The sail design offers a number of vibrant stock colours and designs, or you can choose your own colour combination.  The basic Moyes Malibu is delivered with round uprights and a straight round base bar.  You can upgrade to the Aero Malibu with options that include aerodynamic uprights and an aerodynamic speed bar.


The Malibu offers a slower stall speed than any other glider in its class with an exceptionally forgiving and progressive stall.  Tip stalls are a thing of the past.  Due to the advanced aerodynamic design of the Moyes Malibu, you'll find yourself enjoying the flying in conditions that are lighter than you would ever imagine.  This is the glider that will stay up the longest and keep you flying while the other pilots are walking (around, muttering to themselves).

The Moyes Malibu is a great choice for pilots who want to have fun dune-gooning, XC flying or just buzzing around. Moyes Malibu - bring the fun back into your flying!

Characteristics Overview

  • suitable for Beginner or intermediate pilots
  • available in 2 sizes
  • factory test flown

Technical Overview - Standard

  • 4oz Dacron leading edge, mainsail and undersurface
  • full 7075 aluminium air frame
  • round uprights and round speed bar

Technical Overview –Options

  • aerofoil uprights option
  • zoom uprights options