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Kraig Coomber RX3.5 wins US Nationals

Friday, 07 September 2012

Category: Competition

Kraig Coombe wins US Nationals

Kraig Coomber RX3.5 wins the US Nationals 2012! Congratulations Kraig!

2012 Big Spring Championships

Kraig Coomber, Moyes USA, has won the US Nationals flying the new RX3.5.

His consistent flying enabled him to take the title with a comfortable 277 point lead.

Kraig's writes: At 83 kilos I've been really happy with my RX3.5. I was planning on getting an RX4 at first but now that I've flown the 3.5 in Florida and here in Texas, I'm 100% content with it. It climbs as good if not better than anything out there and glides as well as you would expect.

The big bonus is that it handles like a toy!

Full results can be seen here:

Elio Cataldi RS3.5 Wins Italian Championships

Monday, 28 May 2012

Category: Competition

Elio Cataldi RS3.5 Wins Italian Championships

Elio Cataldi is on fire!

He won both tasks of the Italian Championships on his RS3.5.


Results can be seen here:

Roland Wohrle wins the German Open

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Category: Competition

 Roland Wöhrle wins the German Open

1st place Roland Wöhrle Moyes RS 3.5
2nd place Andre Djamarani Aeros Combat 14
3rd place Corinna Schwiegershausen Moyes Litespeed S 3.5

Full results can be seen at:

Congratulations Roland and Corinna!

German Open

German Open

Into the blue

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Category: Artical of Interest

Gliding over open water

Text & pics: Tom Weissenberger

It all got together at the very last thermal! The scheduled task I have been flirting since years was to cross the whole island from east to west. A very challenging but especially beautiful XC flight over the whole volcanic island of Lanzarote. Highlights like the crater of Monte Corona, the windmills of Mala, the sandy desert of El Jable or the badlands of La Geria were also the tricky parts to get over.

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