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Overall height with flying shoes (CM):

With a tape measure against the wall. Take with shoes on, standing against the wall, making sure your heels touch the wall. Ruler on the top of your head will give an accurate overall height with shoes on.
Shoulder height with flying shoes (CM):

Take the measurement with your shoes on, stand against the wall, make sure your heels touch the wall, use a ruler to mark against the tape, sit the ruler where the should strap would sit.
Chest Size (CM):

Chest measurement should be taken by someone else, not yourself. Do not expand your chest, just have your arms by your side in a relaxed position.
Waist (CM):

Hip (CM):

Make sure to remove your wallet and mobile phone from your pockets. The tape should go over your hip bone.
Thigh (CM):

Both legs together position the tape in between your hip and your knee.
Length of shoe (CM):

Weight (KG):

Body Main:
Front Stripe:
Rear Stripe:
Piping (Optional):
Pocket Options: (Standard with Curved Radio Pocket)
Side Curved-Pocket
Side Front Top Pocket
Side Rear Bottom Pocket (3 Partitions)
Aero Tow Loops:
Parachute Option:
Please Fit Parachute:

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 IMPORTANT POINTS TO NOTE: Use a soft tape measure not a metal tape.
Wear normal clothes, not flying suit (for example jeans and T‐shirt)
Be accurate! It is important that we get your actual measurement.


The Moyes Matrix Harness

The Matrix range of harnesses provides an exceptionally clean, minimal drag profile with no external zips, strings or pockets. The outer skin design provides a seamless symmetrical taper from shoulders to toes and unmatched finish. Pilot comfort is not compromised with the suspension load spread across a long carbon fibre back plate, produced in-house and extensively load tested.

The pilot angle of attack is easily adjusted by the dorsal rope and bollard incorporated into the back plate. In normal flight the pilot's relaxed weight keeps the rope tight and the friction around the bollard locks the dorsal rope. However when the pilots back is arched the reduced friction on the dorsal rope allows it to slide freely through the bollard and the angle of the harness to be adjusted. This quickly becomes automatic for the pilot who can alter his angle at will without the need for complex locking mechanisms or taking his hands off the controls.

Rotation for landing is automatic thanks to a C.G slider which is recessed neatly into the back plate.

The carbon fibre back plates are produced using pre-impregnated carbon fibre and Nomex honeycomb in a sandwich construction. Each back plate is vacuum bagged and oven cured to ensure laminate integrity and toughness.

The many parachute sizes can be accommodated in the semi countersunk container. On the outside a unique closing mechanism using a zipper instead of a conventional eye lid and string combination opening releases instantly on deployment which allows for a large opening for chute exit, despite an exceptionally clean and neat finish on the closed harness. The chute bridle is guided away from the pilot's head/neck area to either a karabiner or main webbing attachment point.

The complete Matrix and Matrix Race harnesses are produced in house at Moyes to ensure the highest quality and finish, as well; each harness is tried and tested before delivery.



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