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Understanding The Sky

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Understanding The Sky

A guide for Balloonists, RC Modellers, Parachutists, Hang Glider, Paraglider and Sailplane Pilots.

  • Learn the cause and behaviour of the wind
  • Gain knowledge of lift patterns and types
  • Find out how to predict flying conditions
  • See how thermals are formed and act in the air
  • Investigate the action of circulation and general weather
  • Unlock the mysteries of seabreezes and other local effects
  • Explore the world of micrometerology - small scale effects
  • Become an expert at judging thunderstorms
  • Discover the secrets of turbulent air
  • Many more details including: cloud streets, heat fronts, trigger temperature, cloud types, inversions, low level jets, convergence, waves, cloud heights, site reading, gust fronts, upslope breezes, etc.

Author: Denis Pagen