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The Secret of Champions

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The Secret of Champions

For Intermediate to Advanced Pilots.

Learn from 17 of the World's Best Pilots including names such as Tomas Suchanek -Czech Republic , Mike Barber - USA, Bob Baier - Germany, Oleg Bondarchuk - Ukraine, Richard Walbec - France, Andre Wolf - Brazil, Gerolf Heinrichs and Manfred Ruhmer - Austria

  • New Thermal Techniques
  • Equipment Tricks
  • Finding Lift
  • Cross-Country Concepts
  • Gliding Better
  • Decision Making
  • Upwind Flying
  • Learning to Focus
  • Mental Aspects
  • Safer Flying and More....

The Secrets of Champions consists of 254 pages, well supplied with
flying wisdom. There are handsome graphics and a full complement of over 110 photos and illustrations to enhance your understanding and your reading enjoyment. You can learn in hours what it took top pilots years of experiment and practice to figure out by curling up with this interesting read.

Author Dennis Pagen